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SLS Russia is on hiatus until 2011

Captiving images of the Siege of Leningrad Blockade: Now and Then.

SLS Russia-08 video: Ten Years of White Nights, by Ken Calhoun.

Welcome to the website of Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg, Russia—the largest independent international writing conference in the world.




"Daily it seemed the city was transforming into a one having as yet no simple identity. So it was just where all writing hopes to come, so to find its inspiration and work--and 'to tell what subsequently I saw and what heard.'" --Robert Creeley (SLS Faculty '02)

Please note that University credits are available through Concordia University.

Multimedia Feature:
Editor Binyavanga Wainaina reading at the Bukvoed Bookstore during SLS 2004.

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Literary Feature:

This Unfinished City, an essay by Mikhail Iossel, SLS Program Director - Meditations on St. Petersburg and the Tercentennial.


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