Because of travel advisories to the region, we are unable to hold the 2014 Kenya Program.

The emphasis of SLS Kenya, an entirely one-of-a-kind annual event, is on cultural immersion as an indelible part of literary and, indeed, broader creative process.

We offer the unique opportunity to engage in the lively and ever-growing local writing and arts community in Nairobi — the capital of one of the world's most fascinating countries, a microcosm of Africa — and on the sub-equatorial island of Lamu, in the eponymous medieval town, the ancient heart of the boundlessly rich Swahili culture. A 14th-century Arab stone town and Kenya's oldest living settlement, Lamu is a place of great serenity and equally great excitement: a locale that fosters a heightened state of inspiration.

The 2014 SLS Kenya program will be comprised both of the “traditional” writing program and the separate, self-contained “program within the program,” SLS Kenya Between the Lines, an in-depth, intense, unorthodox and variegated lecture/readings course directed by noted Kenyan writers, scholars and journalists.

We'll begin the first part of the program in Nairobi, where program activities will follow, by and large, the model of a traditional high-caliber writing seminar/literary conference (the “general” SLS Kenya), paralleled with SLS Kenya Between the Lines, then we'll reconvene off the East African coast, on the island of Lamu, for the second half of SLS Kenya activities, which will combine the components of both a traditional seminar, cultural program and a writing retreat.

Participants in the SLS writing seminars typically include individuals of all ages and all levels of accomplishment — gifted beginners and writers who have already begun publishing; undergraduate and graduate students of creative writing and people turning (or returning) to writing relatively late in life. All are treated with equal respect by the SLS faculty and staff. Please bear in mind: One does not necessarily have to be an accomplished writer to attend Summer Literary Seminars: an abiding love of literature, intellectual curiosity, openness to new artistic and cultural experiences, and the sincere desire to deepen one's understanding of the creative process while being immersed in the heady atmosphere of one of the world's most fascinating locales, are the only prerequisites.


Participants may take a maximum of one seminar from the morning block and one from the afternoon:

Morning Seminars (Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays)

Mixed Genre (Non Fiction and Memoir)

Afternoon Seminar (Mondays through Fridays)

Kenya Between the Lines with Billy Kahora and Ed Pavlic

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Either before or after (celebrate the holidays in Masai Mara...) the SLS Kenya program, many participants may opt to visit one or several of Kenya's world-famous national parks. Although SLS does not run these tours, we can suggest a Nairobi-based travel agent who does (and has proven trustworthy and reliable over the years; he is a friend of the SLS program). Typically, these safaris last three to six days and are based out of Nairobi. Whether individual or in groups, these safaris can be arranged at special SLS discounted prices, through the aforementioned on-site agent. These parks -- Masai Mara, Tsavo, Amboseli, among others -- are National Geographic staples; think the paradigmatic African savannah of everyone's dreams and imaginings, the "big five," the sun, the sky, the eternity…